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AlexMay 11, 2008 4:58 pm 
El Pollo LocoMay 12, 2008 5:04 am 
Subject:Re: Problem with executing RQL within IORangePreExecute.
From:El Pollo Loco (
Date:May 12, 2008 5:04:21 am

Hi Alex,

You cannot PreExecute an Update / Write RQL, to where content is updated / written to the database.

The problem is that the PageBuilder (which is processing the PreExecute code) can only take one call at a time.

When you do an Update RQL, the page cache needs to be updated by the PageBuilder, but it cannot because the PageBuilder is busy processing the PreExecute code, and in the PreExecute code not finishing as it is waiting for the page cache to be updated.

Typically, people do Update RQL's in Smart Edit only blockmarks, so that no PreExecute is needed, and the code will not be present in the published page. I think the RenderMode rendertag will work for this as well, so that only on publish, will a block of code be excluded.

On May 11, 7:58 pm, Alex <> wrote:


I have got a big problem with executing a RQL within a IORangePreExecute area. If I use the RDExecute=asp instead, then it's working fine (but only on a testserver and not on the needed live- system) Curiously everything is configured same way. I did configurations in the project properties e.g. activating active templates with asp and then I assigned it to the project variant. That's all I think, right?

In the template where I want to execute RQLs I use one RQL for getting information and another to write something in a standard-field. What I notices, is when I only execute the RQL for getting/reading information, then also the IORangePreExecute version is running. Only if I want to write something in an element, than it does't work.

It would be great, if someone could give me a little hint. I'm a bit frustrated.

Best regards,