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Simon BrandhofAug 10, 2011 12:54 am 
Subject:[sonar-dev] [ANN] 2.10 Release Candidate
From:Simon Brandhof (
Date:Aug 10, 2011 12:54:46 am

The first public release candidate of version 2.10 is available. Effort has been made on three features :

- Internationalization. Application is now ready to be translated in other languages. The French bundle<>will be the first one to be published. Big thanks to Serli <> for the contribution. - Email notifications on changes of manual reviews. - Refactoring of manual measures in order to be fully supported by other services (filters, time machine, treemap, web services, ...)

On top of that more than 40 improvements and bug-fixes have been done, including the compatibility with the cutoff plugin<> .

Now we need your help to test this new release. Please install this release candidate <> and provide all your feedback on the developer mailing-list.

Thank you The Sonar team