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Stefan GuggisbergMay 31, 2004 4:37 am 
Subject:JCR RI re-checkin in jakarta-slide/proposals/jcrri
From:Stefan Guggisberg (
Date:May 31, 2004 4:37:17 am

as some of you may have noticed, i re-checked in the jcr ri proposal last friday.

first a word of caution (this is unfortunately necessary):

------------------------- [DISCLAIMER] ------------------------- * the code in jakarta-slide/proposals/jcrri is an implementation of the latest working draft of the Java Content Repository API (JSR-170). * the code in jakarta-slide/proposals/jcrri is *NOT* the official reference implementation of JSR-170. * the code represents *WORK IN PROGRESS* and is highly subject to change. use it on your own risk! * early adopters must be aware of the fact that the JCR API has *NOT* been finalized by the JSR-170 expert group and, for that reason, that *NO EFFORT* will be made to ensure back compatibility until the API is finalized by the Java Community Process. * it is considered abusive to promote or otherwise mention this code or software derived from it without indicating the non-final nature of the API it implements. ------------------------- [DISCLAIMER] -------------------------

now to the details:

the code currently implements version 0.13 of the spec. it hasn't seen a lot of testing yet, it's more or less 'fresh from the compiler'.

there are some major areas in the spec that i haven't touched yet, namely - versioning, - search, - observation, - locking, - jta support. there are also some methods which are not implemented yet (Workspace.move, Ticket.copy, Node.addMixin etc.) if you look at the @todo inline comments and the ToDo.txt, you should get an overview of what's currently missing and what the open issues are.

i will keep working on this code base and commit changes in the slide cvs, implementing missing features, fixing bugs, improving performace etc.

fair comments and feedback on this implementation is always very welcome and appreciated, but please spare me of "this api is ugly", "when will the xyz feature be implemented" and similar comments.

also, please direct comments on the JCR API to:

cheers stefan

ps: i won't be able to answer any comments and questions until june, 17 as i will be on vacation from 6/1-6/16.