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Subject:[jr3] Restructure Lucene indexing & make use of Lucene 2.9 features
From:Ard Schrijvers (
Date:Feb 17, 2010 7:48:07 am

Currently, we index *all* properties into the same Lucene field. There is an issue for this already [1]. I think we can gain a lot by having each property indexed in its own Lucene field. This avoids that we need to do so many custom queries and keep caches of terms ourselves, which end up in using lots of memory.

Furthermore, if we want to use Lucene 2.9 kind of RangeQueries for dates, doubles and longs, I think we need to refactor to this 1:1 mapping anyway. Currently, Range queries on let's say 100.000 dates in jackrabbit are quite/very slow. It however will be a backwards incompatible move (I mean that existing indexes need to be rebuild), and I think it touches quite some code. Also Lucene 2.9 is incompatible with earlier versions of Lucene

Regards Ard