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Subject:TripleSoup going into dormant mode
From:Leo Simons (
Date:Oct 7, 2007 12:41:36 am

Hi everyone,

TripleSoup has voted itself into dormant mode. Here's what I just put in the draft october board report on the wiki:

TripleSoup is intended to provide an RDF store, tooling to work with that database, and a REST web interface to talk to that database using SPARQL, implemented as an apache webserver module.

TripleSoup has voted itself into dormant mode. The main reason the project did not quite materialize seems to be that we don't have enough people with sufficient interest, need, and time to make this really take off.

The public email thread about that starts at 200709.mbox/

What else do we have to do now? It seems we don't have a guide for "how to go dormant". Does someone have or can produce a checklist of how we've done this before?