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Daniel KimmigApr 16, 2008 5:29 am 
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Subject:Re: [grails-user] Bug in GWT-Plugin Servlet causes GWT-RPC to use LegacySerializationPolicy (found solution)
From:Peter Ledbrook (
Date:Apr 16, 2008 6:16:31 am

After step debugging the creation of the SerializationPolicy I found out that you could stop this behavior and make GWT use the "StandardSerializationPolicy" which is the current best solution to use. In order to achieve that I manually changed the "GrailsRemoteServiceServlet" provided by the GWT-plugin. Changes/Solution At line 22:

//before: RPCRequest rpcRequest = RPC.decodeRequest(payload, null) //needs to be... RPCRequest rpcRequest = RPC.decodeRequest(payload, null, this)

and at line 54

//before:return RPC.encodeResponseForSuccess(serviceMethod, retval) //needs to be... RPC.encodeResponseForSuccess(serviceMethod, retval, rpcRequest.getSerializationPolicy())

Doing these changes made it much easier to serialize custom classes to my client code. I am using GWT 1.5 Milestone 2, Grails 1.0.1 and GWT-Plugin 0.24.

Could you please raise an issue and attach a patch? Also, do you know whether the changes work with GWT 1.4.61?



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