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Subject:Re: Serialize with Length Prefix
From:Peter Keen (
Date:Aug 24, 2009 4:24:38 pm

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 4:17 PM, Jay Thomas<> wrote:

This code ideally has to operate with C# code on the other side of the socket that uses the DeserializeWithLengthPrefix() method call.  The message originates in C++ environment on a linux box and terminates in C# environment on a windows PC.

I'm not familiar with the implementation of DeserializeWithLengthPrefix(). The same idea should work, but you'll have to go into the protobuf-net source to see what it uses to write the length with. If it's not a Varint32 then just adjust it to whatever it needs to be.

Why doesn't C++ support the same methods as C#?

They're different projects. protobuf-net has a different maintainer than the protobuf project.

The only document that I've seen that has list of methods available is the message.h header file, installed into my Linux usr directory.

This is the documentation for the generated C++ code, which really just deals with the fields that are generated by the protoc compliler:

This is the documentation for the C++ library as a whole:

This is the documentation for the C++ version of Message:

This is the documentation for the coded_stream stuff I was talking about:


On Aug 24, 4:05 pm, Peter Keen <> wrote:

You sort of have to roll your own. In my project I'm doing something like this:

coded_output->WriteVarint32(message->ByteSize()); message->SerializeToCodedStream(coded_output);

And then on the reading side:

uint32_t size; if (! coded_input->ReadVarint32(&size)) {   return NULL; // just an example. probably don't want to do this;


Message * m = new Message; CodedInputStream::Limit limit = coded_input->PushLimit(size); message->ParseFromCodedStream(coded_input); coded_input->PopLimit(limit);

The biggest thing that helped me along was finding the Limit docs. I couldn't figure out how to parse from a ZeroCopyInputStream without consuming the entire stream, and then I ran across that and everything became much more clear.

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 3:54 PM, Jay Thomas<> wrote:


I am looking for a way to serialize/deserialize with length prefix under c++.  The serialized bytes will sent to a TCP socket.  I am aware that C# has a method SerializeWithLengthPrefix() and DeserializeWithLengthPrefix().  Are there any such analogous methods for C++? Please point out any documentation that I may have missed here.

Thanks for any assistance.