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Subject:Re: [et-mgmt-tools] Cobbler, findks.cgi, registration, and so forth
From:Pablo Iranzo Gómez (
Date:Apr 19, 2008 11:30:58 am

Hi This auto-registration feature seems not to work if using koan to replace a machine, as it relies on MAC and:

koan -r downloads the file using wget to store it, so no mac info sent, machine would be correctly deployed, but no ks request will be made by anaconda, so no autoregistration.

wget in kickstart profile, also, doesn't send mac, so this will not register the machine.


¿Make Koan to always use http://cobblerserver as the ks path instead of downloading to disk?

Regards Pablo

PD: I like this idea of auto-registration

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On Fri, 18 Apr 2008, Michael DeHaan wrote:

Michael DeHaan wrote:

this would be very helpful indeed. although i suspect having to manually select your install via a menu can get painful when lighting up a bunch of blade systems - if i read this correctly. we've been kicking around the idea of polling MAC addresses from our edge switches then having some glue code enter those addy's into cobbler and assign them a specific profile (we usually find ourselves putting all of our render nodes for example on their own edge switch so we don't have to worry about mixed use profiles in the use case).

don't get me wrong though - auto-reg would be huge :)

Good deal!

I think you might know about this, but you can also do the following trick today that makes life a lot easier than using menus:

cobbler system add --name=default --profile=foo # power up 500 systems cobbler system add --name=default --profile=bar # power up another 500

Coupled with auto-registration that could be pretty slick :)


That of course should end with:

cobbler system remove --name=default

Otherwise, it would be rather suprising. When you have the "default" system record engaged the menus do not fire up.