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bro...@andrew.cmu.eduFeb 11, 2010 7:38 pm 
Subject:[Cyrus-CVS] src/cyrus/lib by brong (
Date:Feb 11, 2010 7:38:16 pm

Update of /afs/ In directory

Modified Files: Tag: cyrus-imapd-2_3-tail charset.c charset.h chartable.h Added Files: Tag: cyrus-imapd-2_3-tail Removed Files: Tag: cyrus-imapd-2_3-tail mkchartable.c Log Message: New charset subsystem

This time I've changed the behaviour to be compatible (as much as possible!) with the original charset handling code. This should be a drop-in replacement.

Tested with a folder containing a bunch of really ugly buggy messages, and it creates a cyrus.cache file which is identical other than a record where I believe that the old code is incorrect (adding \r\n and some highbit characters to a search string due to the decoding process)

committed with tag cyrus-imapd-2_3-tail --- links to diffs follow --- ADDED DELETED