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Subject:Re: how do toFront() and toBack() work with Nodes?
From:Peter Pilgrim (
Date:Sep 2, 2008 12:18:48 pm

2008/9/2 Jim Clarke <>:

I had filed a bug a while back stating that toFront() and toBack worked the opposite of how they should work. This issue was resolved last week and marked as resolved yesterday.


How do I get access to the update javafxrt.jar in order to test this?

How do I see the update JIRA issue in I cannot see the bug under GUI Runtime issues.

Is this the same behavior you are seeing or is this another bug?

Essentially I had a photo slide application with some custom nodes about three weeks. Neither Node#toFront() or Node#toBack() were working back then.

Pilgrim, Peter wrote:


There is a bug in the UI implementation that will prevent you from using both of these calls.

The bug I posted to JIRA was 1738, but I cannot find this any more, because of the runtime reorganisation going on.

To answer you question



Should work, but don't, and this stop one implementing many things like tabbed panes, slide photo desk etc etc