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Keith SabolNov 16, 2005 9:57 am 
Earl F. GlynnNov 17, 2005 2:28 pm 
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From:Earl F. Glynn (
Date:Nov 17, 2005 2:28:46 pm

I had a similar problem when I posted this recently:

RODBC and Excel: Wrong Data Type Assumed on Import

My conclusion was: "Being lucky" shouldn't be part of processing Excel files, which is the case when RODBC is used.

This reply gave some suggestions:

I found this suggestion the most useful:

"You could try using the COM interface rather than the ODBC interface"

This approach has problems if you have "holes" in your data, but with some work I found RDCOMClient the way to go:

IMHO, RODBC should only be used if you have an Excel file without holes, and with very regular numeric data. I don't understand why the online documentation is not updated to give a usage note that RODBC will often fail reading Excel files.


this help:

library(RODBC) ?odbcConnectExce

should be modified to have a warning "RODBC considered harmful with Excel files"


"Keith Sabol" <sabolk at> wrote in message news:BAY114-F12CBDEDD885260F9BE1AA7D75C0 at phx.gbl...

I am using the RODBC package to read data from an Excel file. ... My problem appears to be related to specification of data types by column.