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Subject:Re: How to skip changelog step in site:generate?
From:Rafal Krzewski (
Date:Dec 19, 2002 8:00:03 am

Brian Ewins wrote:

dIon, I took a tour of the code thats handling putting the reports in, it seems a bit fragile to me. Any change to which reports are included requires changes to the maven-reports.xml, site.jsl, site.dvsl, ... Also, if you generate a report for yourself that isnt in the standard list, you need to add the navigation for it by hand. It adds a barrier to entry to anyone writing a plugin that produces reports.

I was going to suggest (or preferably implement) a more modular approach: each reporting tool will 'register' its report and both the maven-reports.xml, reports navigation are generated from these report descriptors. This would mean that the xdoc plugin would no longer have any knowledge of any specific reporting plugins, and the documentation of what the reports are for are in the reporting plugins instead of in the xdoc plugin.

Seems like an excelent idea! +0 from me.

To get this to work, I was hoping to be able to define a jelly tag that would do the work of writing the descriptors. I reckoned I'd implement this by merging descriptors directly into maven-reports.xml, like so:


However obviously I don't know enough jelly - how would I wrap this up in a jelly 'define:tag' tag? And how do I emit properly escaped xml for the description? Any ideas?

Don't know Jelly enough, so I cant' help you out here...