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Subject:Parallel processing in Glassfish with Work Managers (
Date:Apr 15, 2008 2:04:49 am

Hello I have a question regarding parallel processing in Glassfish but before
let me give you some background.

I work for a company that is developing a JEE application on Weblogic 9.2 and we
are planning to implement new functionality that requires parallel processing.
We want to avoid using JMS queues and implement this using Work Manager API that
Weblogic provides. However that would lock us into a vendor and we dont want to
do that.

The reason being is that in the future there is a significant chance that we
will migrate to Glassfish and we wouldnt want to completely rewrite large parts
of our functionality so what my question is that if Glassfish Application Server
provides for a way to perform parallel processing by using a Work Manager API as
described in this article:

We are not using JCA adapters and wouldnt want to start using them just to get
parallel processing.

Thanks in advance. [Message sent by forum member 'eshakor' (eshakor)]