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Subject:Heads up - Snapshots feature merge into trunk
From:Suresh Srinivas (
Date:Apr 12, 2013 6:05:01 pm

Support for snapshots feature is being worked on in the jira This is an important and a large feature in HDFS. Please see a brief presentation that describes the feature at a highlevel from the Snapshot discussion meetup we had a while back -

I am exicted to announce that the feature development will soon be completed. Please see the jira for the design and the details of the subtasks. This is a heads up about the merge vote mail that will soon be sent.

Details of development and testing: Development has been done in a separate branch - The design is posted at - The feature development has involved close to 100 subtasks and close to 20K lines of code.

A lot of unit tests have been added as a part of the feature. We also have been testing this in a cluster of 5 nodes with a long running test that mimics a real cluster usage with emphasis on use cases related to snapshots. Please see the test plan the details.

Next steps, before calling for merge vote, we need to get the following done: - Add user documentation that describes the feature, and how to use it - Complete some of the pending tasks - Continue testing the feature and fix any bugs that might come up - Update the design document

Thanks to everyone who has participated in design and development of this feature. Please review the work and help in testing the feature.

Regards, Suresh