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Subject:Re: About Linux support at marketplace
From:Brendan Eich (
Date:May 9, 2012 5:06:11 pm

Thanks for bringing this up. I think it's an avoidable conflict, because we have an owner for the bug to implement on Linux. The prioritization may be ok for a staged release. The "nice-to-have" wording was regrettable.

Indeed the whole apps, marketplace and web runtime plan is too large to do at one step, or even with platform parity at the first step. That does not mean we give up our cross-platform commitments.

We support Linux as you say, because of our cross-platform principles first, and because of lead users in the Linux community and among our top Gecko hackers. There's a nexus: B2G is based on Linux and Gecko, but of course without any Linux desktop (and without X-Windows. This is a good thing!).

My two cents,


Rubén Martín wrote:

El 10/05/12 00:15, Asa Dotzler escribió:

I think you overestimate the number of community members using Linux. At the last summit we had, I did some informal polling and Linux was a tiny minority of our active community represented there. Mac was most used, followed by Windows, and then, in a distant third, Linux.

Summit is a meeting for 500 people, and our community a way bigger. Most communities are creating around open source/linux enthusiasts, I can speak about the Mozilla Hispano and European communities I know where the vast majority uses linux.

What we need most, I suspect, is available Linux coders, people who know Gnome, Unity, GTK, etc. to do the platform integration work. I don't know who those people are. Looking around the sub-set of community members employed by Mozilla who could help on this, I don't see any available resources or even any resources I would move from their current work to this work.

If there are even half as many Linux users in our community as you suspect, then it shouldn't be hard to find some of them with the skills to work on the Firefox App integration problems. Assuming that Mozilla-paid Linux hackers are busy with higher priority items, then we need to find some volunteers to help.

As Santiago mentioned, "The number of Linux users in the community don't necessarily determine the number of Linux hackers", we can ask for help finding these hackers to the community.

Also I think that one of the great things about mozilla is that now we have money to spend hiring people in areas we think are important and where we need people working full-time to help volunteers.

The problem here is that some people don't consider that spreading money or resources on Linux support it's good due it's market share and I think that's not good. If we have the possibility to do whatever we can to support an OS which share our values and that most people that empowers mozilla use, we should do it, as we did in the past supporting for example Theora and even its market share was tiny.

This seems to most volunteers as a Business-minded strategy and completely opposite to our values. Linux is very important for mozilla and for the volunteers in particular. How are we suppose to defend or present a technology we can't run on our laptops?

If we lose linux supporters, we'll lose the passion and mozillians which are behind, and that would have a big and negative impact to the whole project. Can you imagine mozilla without all open source and linux supporters? I can't because that wouldn't be mozilla as we know it anymore.