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Subject:[esper-dev] [jira] Updated: (ESPER-156) Fully auditing facility
From:Thomas Bernhardt (JIRA) (
Date:Oct 20, 2008 11:44:20 am


Thomas Bernhardt updated ESPER-156:

Fix Version/s: (was: 2.3) 3.0

Fully auditing facility


Key: ESPER-156 URL: Project: Esper Issue Type: Wish Affects Versions: 2.3 Reporter: Ming Fang Fix For: 3.0

It would be very useful for Esper to provide full auditing capability. Something like a AuditListener interface that would get callbacks from Esper on
every 1-sendEvent 2-every stream created or destroyed 3-every firing of matches 4-every window created or destroyed 5-every statement created or destroyed 6-etc I can see many uses for this 1-tools to visualize what's happening 2-potentially a journalling mechanism to replay on another instance for
recovery, like a db journal log 3-as hook for performances instrumentation