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Subject:Re: [courier-users] courier-imap configure problem on SGI with gcc
From:Ketil Kristiansen (
Date:Sep 7, 2002 5:00:04 pm

At 23:01 2002-09-07, Bob Beaton wrote:

Export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/freeware/lib/gdbm"

Oops, forgot: You'll probably want to make that "-L/usr/freeware/lib32", or else you'll

a) get complaints about the linker not finding (directly or indirectly in the form of unresolved symbols)

and after removing the "gdbm" at the end;

b) get complaints from the linker about mixing o32 and n32 objects. The "lib" directories contain libraries conforming to the o32 (o as in old) ABI, while "lib32" contain n32 libraries. gcc only knows how to build n32 if I remember correctly. This particular IRIX peculiarity can often frustrate otherwise simple builds...

Regards, -K