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Subject:Re: [Squirrel-sql-develop] Implementing DB2 Properties...Name & Remarks
From:Robert Manning (
Date:Apr 29, 2008 2:36:05 am

Hi Joe,

See my responses below.

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 8:57 PM, oplink <> wrote:

Im not sure if im missing something or if the following is an issue. It seems
the DB2 Plugin does not reconize a few

driver properties :

DB2 Plugin does not consider the option selection 'System" for the Driver
Properties "naming". DB2 Plugin will always use the SQL dot notation for naming
files regardless of the 'naming' selection. (this is not on statements entered
in the SQL editor but rather the plugin itself)

Example: in the the FROM file in the SELECT statement
will always us the dot notation ".SYSIBM.SYSFUNCTIONS..." regardless of the
naming convention selected in the Driver Properties. If I were to select the
"System" as the naming convention I can use the standard i5/OS forward slash,
"/" instead of the dot notation for SQL statements. In addition, using the
'System" properties will allow the searching of a library list to go into

To reproduce this error:

Select the "IBM DB2 App Driver" then select "Properties", then "Driver
properties" tab.

From the "driver properties" check off "Use driver properties'

Then select "System" for the "naming' properties.

Then select OK

The DB2 Plugin was developed against DB2 LUW (and support for OS/400 added with help from others). The "IBM DB2 JDBC Universal Driver" that I use to connect to LUW doesn't allow you to specify a "System" property, so I am not able to see this behavior. Would it be solved by simply detecting the system property you mentioned and then re-phrasing the SQL with "/" instead of "." in the table identifiers? Do table aliases work the same way in this case?

There is also a nice feature in the Driver Properties called "Remarks". This
will allow the use of the remarks as a column name instead of the field name.
This remark information is the actual expanded text info of the field name
defined in DDS on the i5/OS.

This feature does not seem to work.

Again, my driver doesn't seem to support this property. When you say doesn't work, I assume you mean that you execute some SQL in the editor and it fails when using column remarks instead of the column name - even though the property is set? It appears as though that setting might be ignored by the driver?