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ToddOct 20, 2007 10:30 pm 
Tom SchinckelOct 21, 2007 1:33 am 
KENNETH RICHARDSOct 21, 2007 5:36 pm 
Subject:Re: 2 Gutsy problems: 64 bit
From:Tom Schinckel (
Date:Oct 21, 2007 1:33:36 am

Todd wrote:


Have been helping my friend install Gutsy on his AMD 64 bit system. Have it up and running okay except for two problems:

1. He can't type anything into the terminal. Can copy and paste a command to the terminal but when it asks for his password the terminal will not accept any keyboard strokes.

2. Can't seem to download any of the Firefox extensions eg Adblock Plus. I would expect the Firefox extensions to work under a 64 bit system but I am not sure as I have always had a 32 bit configuration.

One thing I did notice after his install was that Nautilus was not installed which did not allow him to access his Home directory. I now have that up and running and not sure if this has anything to do re the above terminal problem.

You could also probably install 32-bit and it would run better or just as well except if you are doing high-end stuff like lots of processing.

64-bit is getting better, but for ease of use 32-bit is king.