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Subject:Re: Do not use the --no-sandbox option
From:Gowri ()
Date:Oct 30, 2008 11:00:10 am

Dear Team,

I have updated to latest version, still facing the same issue.....

I have Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.2000.1567 and Chrome

On Oct 30, 10:11 pm, Google Guide 2 wrote:

Hey Guys,

We've made some fixes to the latest version that should resolve this problem. If you haven't been updated to version yet, you can update your version of Google Chrome by following the steps outlined here:

If you've updated but still have 'Aw Snap' on every page, please let us know on our new Google Chrome Help Forum. We're discussing this issue on this thread:

Thanks -- we'll retire this help group soon, so make sure to post to our new thread with any continuing issues.

- Maggie

On Oct 24, 4:11 pm, NunoG wrote:

Hi Ben,

I could find several crashes, all with the same description (naturally the time stamp differs): Event Type:     Information Event Source:   Chrome Event Category: None Event ID:       2 Date:           10/23/2008 Time:           23:01:02 User:           [...] Computer:       [...] Description: The description for Event ID ( 2 ) in Source ( Chrome ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the /AUXSOURCE= flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event: Chrome. Crash uploaded. Id=87d64891a74e5dbb.

Other similar entries with ID: Id=beb187f04b046066 Id=c43daabf3ed4b095 Id=6f86327e5bac0c3 Id=e03a6cd2af17f79d Id=2e39ff72ac96d25b

I'm using a corporate laptop. Windows XP SP2, 2GB RAM, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + Anti-Spyware Module 8.0.

I've been using Chrome sonce it was launched, and I need to confess I really like using it. It has been working without any problems, but after a Windows XP blue screen, I started getting thos "Aw, Snap!" message to any tab I open. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the browser, but the same problem persist. The "sandbox" option allows the browser to work properly.

Do you have any updates on this?

Regards, Nuno

On Oct 3, 6:17 pm, Google Guide wrote:

For those of you experiencing the "Aww Snap" >> Renderer crash in Google Chrome, it'd be helpful if you could peek in your Event Viewer, and pass along a few crash ID's, (provided that one was generated.) Here's how to locate the ID:

1. Click Start and select "Run." 2. Type "eventvwr" (without quotes) and press Enter. Event Viewer will open. 3. Double click the "Application" tree to expand it. 4. Click the "Source" column on the right and scroll down the list looking for events named "Chrome." 5. Double click the entry to see its details. (Look at the timestamp to find recent crash events. If we're lucky, it will contain a crash ID). 6. Paste the crash ID into this thread with your O/S and version of Chrome.

Thanks very much for helping us get to the bottom of this issue! Ben

On Oct 3, 12:34 am, element1 wrote:

It's happening on all our office/domain machines also. I suspect it was blocked centrally somehow.

On Oct 2, 7:50 pm, Toby-Wan wrote:

I forgot in my earlier post to mention that I'm seeing this same problem on all of the computers here in my office that are hooked up to the domain.  Not sure, but might have something to do with it. Anyone else with the problem either always or sometimes connected to a domain?

On Oct 1, 7:25 pm, Google Guide wrote:

Hi StealthWind,

It's a tough situation -- if you use Google Chrome without the sandbox, you're opening yourself up to some heavy security risks. If you don't turn off the sandbox, you have no choice but to use another browser for the time being. I know it sounds strange for someone on the Google Chrome team to recommend you use another browser in this case, but I don't want your system to be compromised.

Have I shared this link yet? It's the pages in the Google Chrome comic book that describe the sandbox.

Naturally, this is a top area of focus for me -- we've got to find out what's causing these renderer crashes. It seems that software conflict is a major suspect, so please share with us what other processes are running on your system and we'll see if there are any commonalities.

Thanks for understanding,


On Sep 30, 9:27 pm, StealthWind wrote:

But then how are we supposed to use Google Chrome without the --no- sandbox option since we can't even load a single page without it? Thanks.

On Oct 1, 1:55 am, Google Guide 2 wrote:

Hi Sridhar,

"Aw Snap" error on every page points to a renderer crash -- why exactly the renderer crashes is the mystery.

Let's try to collect as much system information as possible to see if there are commonalities among those whose renderer crashes.

Toby-wan, thanks so much for the detail. I'll pass it around and see what we can do with it.

Crltn, I understand how frustrating it can be to be told not to use a workaround that seems to work so effectively. Since turning off sandbox opens you to security risks, it's safer to not risk it.

Thanks everyone for your patience with these crashes -- hopefully we'll find more leads on specific issues that cause renderer crashes.


On Sep 23, 9:24 pm, Crltn wrote:

Greetings Simon, I posted some history in '0xc0000022 issue'; after 8 tries was finally able to get Chrome to run using --no-sandbox; now I read don't use the --no-sandbox argument. So what am I to use???


On Sep 10, 8:32 am, Google Guide 2 wrote:

Hi all,

For users with 0xc00000005 errors, as well as a few other errors, some have found that turning off the sandbox resolves the issue.

However, please do not use the --no-sandbox option.

This option disables the low-privilege sandbox for showing web pages, which leaves your computer more vulnerable to flaws or security exploits on those pages. It is intended for testing purposes only.

It's very important that Google Chrome is not run without the sandbox, because of the inherent security vulnerabilities in that mode. We're working very hard to fix the issues some of you are seeing, but in the meantime, please don't use the --no-sandbox option.


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