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Stephen McKayOct 23, 1997 6:05 am 
Jordan K. HubbardOct 23, 1997 8:17 am 
Subject:Notes that didn't make it into the 2.2.5 release notes
From:Stephen McKay (
Date:Oct 23, 1997 6:05:15 am

I've just been browsing as something to do until CTM updates are turned on again...

I expected to see "Significant improvements to the SymBios driver including fast20 support for 53C875 based cards" close to the one about improvements to the Adaptec driver. Also, the Diamond FirePort cards should be mentioned further down in the SymBios driver section.

So, what do we do about it? Shout "Hey you lot! Blow your trumpet in the release notes when you update a driver!" at the developers? Just leave it for the release engineer? You know, the guy with the red eyes and the stained coffee cup. :-)

I think we should offer a bit of subtle urging every so often like we do if people forget to update man pages, or if they offend style(9). I also think that this deserves to be updated on since a lot of folks will hit there first.