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EngAmalSep 22, 2008 4:44 am 
Subject:How To use Facebox with
From:EngAmal (
Date:Sep 22, 2008 4:44:41 am

Hi I'm new To this component, and i cant figure out how to use it in my page so i can lunch the facebox component & it will include an aspx page , in which i could perform some search keyword & when i click OK button on this page, it will reload the parent page which lunched it, and return the search results in the parent page

this what i have done to include & lunch the page within the facebox component

<head runat="server">

<script src="../facebox/jquery-1.2.1.pack.js" type="text/ javascript"></script> <link href="../facebox/facebox.css" media="screen" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/> <script src="../facebox/facebox.js" type="text/javascript"></ script>

<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('a[@rel*=facebox]‘).facebox(); }); </script>

</head> <body> <form id="form1" runat="server"> <div> <a href="../Search.aspx" rel="facebox">Search</a> </div> </form> </body>

it opens the page normally without lunching the facebox, am i missing something here ?

plz help

thanx on advanced