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Subject:[DRAFT] [PROPOSAL] Slide and JSR 170
From:Remy Maucherat (
Date:Feb 17, 2003 6:25:12 am

Hi all,

This is a post about starting a proposal which goal would be to refactor Slide using the JSR 170 specification (which is currently under work at the JCP; That proposal would be used as the Reference Implementation for the JSR.

The general architecture would be: - WebDAV powered JSR 170 client API - WebDAV server layer, using JSR 170 API - Slide core, providing a JSR 170 API

The goals of this proposal would be: - Provide an OSS implementation of JSR 170. - Provide implementation feedback to the JSR 170 expert group, allowing to enhance the specification and fix problems (that's the usual role of a RI). - Provide a more modular architecture for Slide, with the goal of adopting it for Slide 3.x (as with all revolution style proposals, this will of course be subject to a majority vote by all Slide committers, when the proposal is considered to be ready). The WebDAV layer would be able to function on top of another JSR 170 compliant repository, and applications using JSR 170 would be able to use either Slide or WebDAV as their backend.

Sponsors of the proposal include: - DAY Software: Day will donate a first draft implementation (largely based on the current Slide 2.x code) to the ASF, and will contribute engineering resources to the development of the proposal. A developer from DAY will be proposed as a committer to allow him to devlop the proposal (with more being elected as needed according to merit, as usual). - OpenCMS: Plans to adopt Slide as its underlying repository, and will contribute engineering resources to the development of the proposal.

The proposal will be of course developed independently of the Slide 1.x and Slide 2.x codebases.

Comments / Ideas ?