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Subject:Re: using reactor?
From:Siegfried Göschl (
Date:Dec 10, 2002 1:44:34 am

Hi Warner

I used reactor for two projects (one small and one big) and hit IMHO a few limitations

+) as far as I know it is not possible to inherit JAR files (B7) but I might be wrong (there was a posting)

+) It is not possible to inherit and from the master project

+) Reactor use its own working directory and screws up my testcase since the try to load test resources using a relative path

+) CheckStyle does not find its property file during a reactor build

+) With 50+ subprojects I have memory problems

Therefore I'm triggering my builds not with reactor but still using POM inheritance and POM interpolation .... and wait for the next release ... :-)

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On 9 Dec 2002 at 19:08, Warner Onstine wrote:

Hi all, I have project that is evolving and I was wondering if using reactor will do what I want.

Basically I have two modules in cvs - one for core and one for user interface.

The UI will have several sub-directories for each UI that can be used with the core. ui - tapestry - web-ognl - cocoa ...etc.

What I would like is to define a top-level project.xml and which adds a dependency for the core jar and any other necessary jars. I would also like to define a top-level maven.xml so that whoever builds can either build all of the ui components or individual ones.

So far, from what I see, this is doable. Now, here's the question: Would it be beneficial to use reactor? Or would it be better to write my own maven.xml.