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Susan LeschFeb 10, 1998 12:15 pm.gif
Hakon LieFeb 10, 1998 1:52 pm 
Subject:Display errors in XML 1.0 Recommendation, W3C StyleSheet
From:Susan Lesch (
Date:Feb 10, 1998 12:15:47 pm

Re: <>

From a Macintosh in MSIE 4.0 with CSS enabled, nearly every table in this document overlaps the preceeding text, making the XML Recommendation illegible.

The attached illustration is only one example; (color might be unexpected for you -- it is a GIF, perhaps indicative of what some people see in 8-bit color).

I believe removing "line-height: 1.3" from </StyleSheets/TR/rec.css> will fix this.

*/ BODY {color: black;

/* This is specific for the PR: */

background: #f7e8cb url(/Icons/Backgrounds/recbg);

/* above image doesn't woerk in IE4.0 - why? */

margin-left: 4em; margin-right: 2em; font-family: times, serif; text-align: justify; line-height: 1.3}