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Subject:Re: Tapestry integration with other frameworks
From:Terry Poot (
Date:Aug 24, 2004 9:53:30 am

If you look at the wiki, at and scroll down to sample appplications, you'll see several that combine Tapestry with other tools.

Patrick Huber wrote:

Hi list

I've been looking around for a good Web-Framework and Tapestry looks pretty good in this respect. But since tapestry only covers one of several aspects of a web application I'd like to know if it's possible to integrate tapestry with other frameworks like velocity to introduce template capabilities, hibernate for or mapping, etc...

I'm still very new to all these frameworks and only have a vague idea of what they do but I think it's enough to know that they should be able to work together.

What I'm basically looking for is a front to end solution which is easy to use and where the tedious work is handled by the frameworks, on all layers of an application.

Are there any experiences with projects where tapestry, hibernate etc. were used at the same time? Is there a general recommendation to what should be used to extend tapestry? Are there projects that just don't work with tapestry?

Please elaborate a bit on your experiences.

Thank you Patrick