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Subject:Re: multiple targets for undeploy
From:Sudhir Prabhu (Sudh@Sun.COM)
Date:Jul 31, 2008 7:32:44 pm


What kinds of servers are these two?

1. Stand alone AS instances? 2. 2 DAS'? 3. Members of a same cluster? 4. Members of 2 different clusters?

Only if both are part of same cluster can you achieve this with a single command ./asadmin undeploy --target clustername <sample-application-name>

For all else you will need multiple commands. And there are different ways of achieving it

1. Deploy individually on all instances 2. Or Create an application reference and refer to it from each instance.

Hope that helps


Ajit Kamble wrote:

I want to undeploy a war from two targets say server1 and server2 on glassfishv2 . How do i acheive this using asadmin ? What is the syntax for --target option ?

./asadmin undeploy --target <??> <sample-application-name>