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Subject:Re: [Openstack] Performance metrics
From:Rick Jones (
Date:Jun 29, 2012 2:35:59 pm

On 06/21/2012 02:21 PM, Rick Jones wrote:

TSO and GRO can cover a multitude of path-length sins :)

That is one of the reasons netperf does more than just bulk transfer :) When I was/am measuring "scaling" of an SMP node I would use aggregate, burst-mode, single-byte netperf TCP_RR tests to maximize the packets per second while minimizing the actual bandwidth consumed.

And if there is a concern about flows coming and going there is the TCP_CRR test which is like the TCP_RR test but each transaction is a freshly created and torn-down TCP connection.

It doesn't do TCP_CRR, and it is not geared towards the scores/hundreds/thousands of isntances, but I've just put a script into the netperf repository at which will use novaclient.v1_1 to launch three instances of a specified flavor and run the script on one of them, targeting the other two.

Is it only my second bit of Python, so I'm sure it has lots of room for improvement, but perhaps it will be of use to folks and help act as a seed crystal.

happy benchmarking,