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Subject:[courier-users] Re: [horde] Login failed
From:hardik (
Date:Nov 2, 2002 5:22:10 am


I changed the imp/config/server.php for authentication using POP3 instead of IMAP, it really accelarate the authentication process but doesnt have the option of 'FOLDERS'/'Open Folders', which was available with IMAP, so of no use. Is there any other way out??


this is due to the protocol: POP3 doesn't support subfolders for it's the normal protocol for downloading entire messages from an external mailbox onto your local mail client.

But did I understand right: you can login with POP3, but you cannot with IMAP? In that case, try IMAP/NOTLS or IMAP/SSL/self-cert (look into the servers.php for the correct syntax). I guess your courier is not configured for using IMAP (or, at least, IMAP with plain text login). It would be worth a try to set server-list to 'none', and set all user-select options to enable (server, protocol, port etc.) - do so in the /imp/config/conf.php. In that way, it's easier to play around with the parameters at login screen.

We can login with POP3 much faster compared to IMAP(sesion many times expires). We set server.php for user entry for server, port & protocol. Tried with IMAP/NOTLS(143) & IMAP/SSL/novalidate-cert but login fails.

Another cross-check: try to login to your IMAP server from an external client or webmail (, and try to connect with your IMP to an external IMAP server. This is the most useful way to find out what is


Strange thing was that, when the same webmail installation was used for another IMAP server in the LAN, the login was sucessful & quite fast(using IMAP-143). Seems to have some IMAP config issue. Pl suggest.