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Subject:License manager
From:Janet Dickson (
Date:Apr 29, 1999 7:51:42 am

Has anyone successfully incorporated a Win95 app that uses FlexLM license manager on a Samba file system. I would be extremely interested in talking with you as we are trying to install Parametric Technology's ProEngineer on our Samba file server. We do have a copy of the Unix version of the license manager, but I am not sure how I can get the Win95 client to talk to it.

Hi Carey

Yes, I have a statistical package Genstat for Windows which requires FlexLM licence management. The software is in a share on the Samba fileserver which gets mounted as directory G: In autoexec.bat (Win95) there is a line :

set LM_LICENSE_FILE=g:\gen541\license\license.dat

The file license.dat on the server is a symbolic link to my UNIX FlexLM licence file which contains licence keys for both UNIX and Windows.