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Subject:Beginner question: script resolution
From:Oliver Pfeiffer (
Date:Jul 29, 2009 7:07:11 am

Hi all,

I recently discovered Sling and I would like to use it with the server-side-script functionality only in a small project.

I have a beginner question regarding the script-location resolution:

1.Let's say I have the following ressource "/content/homepage/blog" (with "sling:resourceType" set to "homepage/blog") Now "/content/homepage/blog.list.html" is calling "/apps/homepage/blog/list.html.eps". This works nicely

2. Let's say I have a first blog-entry at "/content/homepage/blog/entry1" (with "sling:resourceType" set to "homepage/blog") and I want to edit with "/content/homepage/blog/entry1.edit.html" which calls "/apps/homepage/blog/edit.html.eps". This works nicely

3. Now I want to add a new blog-entry: with "content/homepage/blog/*.edit.html" I would like to call "/apps/homepage/blog/edit.html.eps" as well. Unfortunately Sling will look for the "edit.html.eps"-script unter "apps/homepage" (which I don't know why exactly) and not "/apps/homepage/blog". How could I define the "sling:resourceType" for the new ressource, so that I can use the same "edit.html.eps"-file for edit and insert?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Oliver