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Subject:Re: [GENERAL] Postgres Clustering Options
From:Ben Chobot (
Date:Nov 11, 2009 9:35:35 am

What are you trying to protect against? Software failure? Hardware failure? Both?

Depending on your budget, you could theoretically point any number of failover nodes at a san, so long as you make sure only one of them is running postgres at a time. Of course, you still have the single point of failure in the SAN. If you aren't made of money and are running linux, we've found DRBD is a great way to cluster two machines and it avoids a few single points of failure. But you limit yourself to two or three cluster nodes.

What are you trying to achieve with your offsite node? Is it supposed to pick up the load if the cluster dies?

David Kerr wrote:

I'm trying to meet a very high uptime requirement in a high performance

to do this we will need to have some form of cluster for our databases

What I plan on doing is:

Postgres installed on a Cluster configured in active/passive (both pointing to
the same SAN (If PG or the OS fails we trigger a failover to the passive node)

Log shipping between that cluster and a single PG Instance off site.

Is this a common/reccomended method of handling clusterin with Postgres? google
searches basically point to using a replication based solution, which i don't think would
meet my performance demands.

Does anyone have expereince with this or a similar setup that they could share
with me?