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Subject:Re: [online_help] Calc functions
From:Uwe Fischer (Uwe.@Sun.COM)
Date:Nov 30, 2007 12:54:20 am

Hi David,

David King wrote:

Hi Uwe and all

we are currently evaluating how to move the application help to Wiki pages and back. Please stay tuned to

Apologies for a rather belated response:

This sounds really good!

Do we have a time scale as yet? I've uploaded a few Calc function descriptions to the wiki because I think they're needed by the HowTos - but I don't want to do too many more, because everything might change.

Connecting help to the wiki is going to be a pretty challenging project - but it is ground-breaking territory I think?

thank you for your interest. Please keep on submitting improvements to the documentation and application help. Connecting application help and wiki pages is work in progress. Currently, in an m238 developer build, we have seven references from the application help to the wiki, as for example There will be many more references in the future.