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Subject:Re: new release?
From:Ben Laurie (
Date:Sep 26, 1995 1:13:11 am

At 05:26 PM 9/25/95 BST, you wrote:


+1 for the copyright stuff.. I agree. I'm not sure why you guys are macking this so hard, but hey, if you want to play with it that's fine by me. I would have just grabed the GNU leftcopy stuff, and stuck it somewhere. It works for everyone else in the freeworld.

Er, well, not everyone.

Hmm.. I haven't seen any problems with it. Anyway.... we've decided to do our own, so I guess I'll leave it alone, since I know next to nothing about copyright laws.

As I understand it, the problem with the GNU license is that it effectively prevents the inclusion of proprietary code, coz you _have_ to publish the code if you publish the binary. This would presumably also make SSL impossible. Correct me if I'm wrong.

BTW, on the copyright side ... one thing nags at me. It no longer says that Apache must be free.

+1 on going on with 1.0

-1 on including the OS/2 stuff. I think we can release it but not as a supported release.

Presumably with the intention of supporting it in 1.0.x?


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