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Subject:Re: globals
From:David N. Welton (
Date:Apr 8, 2006 4:00:39 am

Massimo Manghi wrote:

Hi, I have a problem trying to correctly understand the docs in the section where the ::request::global is explained (Internals).

The question (attempt to preserve functioning tcl scripts when they are "cut'n'pasted" into rivet pages) is put in a way that (seems to me) it warns the developer that "global" is meant for persistence whereas the ::request::global command is for making into Rivet traditional "global scope" variables. (I don't see any other possible reason for bringing up the problem in the documentation). Am I misunderstanding the whole stuff? I wrote a sample script using ::request::global, global, ::global in turn trying to have persistence, but obtained only variables that are created every time I reload the page.

Remember that they are persistent *within the particular instance of Apache* - and since Apache usually runs with several child processes, you can't count on something like a counter working reliably.

<? global visits #or ::request::global visits or ::global visits

set visits([clock seconds]) [env REMOTE_ADDR] foreach {t ip} [array get vists] { puts "-> $t $ip <br />" } ?>

My comprehension of the docs is maybe unadequate, but I suggest to reformulate the paragraph in a more schematic form.

Such as...? Want to have a try?:-)

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