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Subject:[RESULT] [VOTE] Moving the Sling Management Console to Apache Felix
From:Felix Meschberger (
Date:May 13, 2008 2:02:38 am

(Crossposting to Sling Dev List for information)

Hi all,

Time to tally this vote (binding votes marked with *):

+1 Marcel Offermans* +1 Alex Karasulu* +1 Alin Dreghiciu +1 Stuart McCulloch* +1 Richard Hall* +1 Carsten Ziegeler* +1 Rob Walker* +1 Felix Meschberger*

So this vote passes with 8 +1, no 0 and no -1 votes. I will not follow up with the Incubator PMC to make sure we can make this move.

Thanks to all who voted.

Regards Felix

Hi all,

After an initial round of discussion and letting it almost be forgotten, we should finally start to get this moving again.

As noted in [1] the incubating Apache Sling project has a module - a single bundle - which provides a Web Based Management Console. The base bundle allows mainly for OSGi management such as bundle lifecycle management, configuration, etc. But the console is in fact extensible and more functionality may easily be plugged into it.

Members of the Felix and Sling community met at ApacheCon in Amsterdam and and came to the conclusion, that the Apache Felix project would be the natural location for such a management console. Mainly because people looking for OSGi stuff would turn to Felix and not primarily to Sling.

There is no release yet of the Sling Management Console and there are a number of open issues [2], which should be fixed/implemented before a first release of the console. Nevertheless the console is already usable in its current state and therefore, I think we may just move it as is and finish it in Apache Felix.

So here is the vote. As always, it will be open for 72 hours and only votes of Felix PMC members are binding (though anybody is cordially invited to vote):

[+1] Yes, move the Management Console to Apache Felix [0] Don't care [-1] No, leave it where it is

Regards Felix

[1] [2]