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Subject:Re: Running glassfish in foreground?
From:Mark Basler (Mark@Sun.COM)
Date:Jul 27, 2006 3:24:44 pm

Hi Guys,

On Windows, running the default launcher (Java Launcher) with the --verbose option will only give you the stack dump of the parent process, which is the admin framework. The jvm doesn't send the signal to the child processes because of some problem they where having with javaw. Unix will give the whole stack dump of the parent and child processes. I filed a bug on the JVM for this problem under bug id 5068433. That is one reason why we coded the native launcher

The original problem of Kohsuke's is only to see the log and end it with a ctrl-c, so the java launcher will suffice.

To get the full stack trace on windows, you can use the native launcher. Change the .../glassfish/config/asenv.bat file's native launcher property to be set to true "set AS_NATIVE_LAUNCHER=true". Then when you start your domain on widows another command window will popup while the domain is starting. In this command window named after the domain, type "CTRL-break" to get the full stack dump.

You can also use a code injection method like to get a stack dump on a running process. I wrote a version of this also, but since it also uses native code, the native launcher is the easier way.

As stated before, this isn't a problem on unix bases systems.

Hope this helps...

Thanks - Mark

Cheng Fang wrote:

asadmin start-domain --verbose asadmin help start-domain

--verbose By default this flag is set to false. If set to true, detailed server startup output is displayed. On Windows, press CTRL-Break in the domain's window to print a thread dump. On UNIX, press CTRL-C to kill the server and press CTRL-\ to print a thread dump.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi wrote:

Would it be possible to run Glassfish in the foreground (as opposed to work like a daemon, which is what happens when I do "asadmin start-domain")?

In other words, I'd like to do the equivalent of " run" with Glassfish. I can see the console that way (presumably where I can configure logs to be sent) and I can kill it simply with Ctrl+C.