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Subject:Grails and environment-independant WARs
From:Xavier de Labouret (
Date:Aug 16, 2007 10:33:32 am

Hello Grails devs,

We intend to use Grails in our company, however we face one technical difficulty with it. We have production streams dev->test->prod that require that we use the same WAR from dev to prod. Only external properties files and the database are allowed to change from one environment to the other.

Our difficulty comes from the fact that the target environment (dev, test, prod, ...) is specified by Grails inside the WAR file, in the, using the grails.env parameter. That prevents from using a "test" war in the "production" environment for example.

Is there a way, to ignore this grails.env parameter (or to bypass the embedded file) and specify it elsewhere, so that we could still use the same WAR in all our environments? Any idea is welcome :)

Best thanks