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C FDec 19, 2010 7:08 am 
Subject:[asterisk-biz] Slightly used (less than 1 year powered on) Dell Server with quad port Digium T1 and Adit 600
From:C F (
Date:Dec 19, 2010 7:08:14 am

I have a customer that tried opening a business but went belly up before it took off. I sold them an Asterisk PBX that was never really in use since the business didn't take off. It was powered on for less than a year, but was purchased in may 2008 With that: * Digium TE420B * Adit 600 with 2 8 port FXS cards

Here are the Dell Specs, its a 1950 with PERC6/i, 2 * 73GB 15k hdds, DRAC card and redundant PS. I did buy it from Dell Outlet it is therefore considered a refurbished machine by Dell.

1 NN903 Base,Server, Server Chassis Xeon Woodcrest,5110,1600,B 1950 1 3E476 Information,Equipment 1 65807 Module,No Mouse 1 8213U Electronic Documentation on CD 1 CG535 Module,Card,Input/output Embedded System Mngmnt DRAC5/P29/1950 1 FK917 Module,Dual In-line Memory Module,2GB,1R,667,4X512,8K 1 GW748 Module,PWA,Third Party Maintenance,Enterprise SystemsGroup,Rest Of World,1950III 1 HG415 Module,Printed Wiring Assy Riser,Server, Server Chassis Dell,P1950,PCIE 1 JU206 Module,Information,C3,MSSR1 PE1950III 1 KD483 Module,Software,NO-OS 1 KF242 Module,Kit,Kit,Compact Diskette,Document Object Model,PE1950 1 KK555 Module,Kit,Compact Diskette,TOE,Key,SNP 1 MK384 Module,Information,SNP,TOE NO-ENABLE 2 PC387 Module,Hard Drive,73GB,Serial Attached Scsi,15K,3.5IN Seagate 1 PY182 Module,Information,Sales,Lan On Motherboard,On Board 1 TJ710 Module,Processor,Xeon Woodcrest,5110,1600,P1950,2N 1 TW398 Module,Card (circuit) Controller,PERC6I-INTG,Sled 1 TY938 Module,Chassis,3.5HD,1U PE1950III,V2 1 UK956 Module,Power Supply,Redundant Y-CORD,III 1 W4024 Module,Shipping Material No-Keyboard,1U-ONLY 1 WC832 Ship Group,P1950,United States,North,Dell Americas Organization 1 WF947 Module,Bezel,1U,PE1950 1 WG212 Module,Compact Disk Read Write/digital Video Disk DriveCombo,4G,24X,Internal,HLDS 1 984-1519 Dell Hardware Warranty Plus Onsite Service Initial YR 1 984-1528 Dell Hardware Warranty, Extended Year(s) 1 990-1119 DECLINED CRITICAL BUSINESS SERVER OR STORAGE SOFTWARE SUPPORT PACKAGE-CALL YOUR DELL SALES REP IF UPGRADE NEEDED 1 960-7292 Basic Enterprise Support: Business Hrs 5X10 Next Business Day Onsite Service Post Problem Diagnosis 2YR Ext 1 970-3410 Basic Enterprise Support: Business Hrs 5X10 Next Business Day Onsite Service Post Problem Diagnosis Init YR 1 960-7322 BASIC Enterprise Support: Business Hrs 5x10 Hardware Only Tech Phone Support, 3Yr, Declined Software Support 1 3E476 Information,Equipment

$5000 or best offer.

Please contact off list.

Thank you C F


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