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Subject:Re: [ANNOUNCE] updated PM branch
From:Koen Kooi (
Date:Dec 17, 2008 11:11:50 am

Op 17 dec 2008, om 19:34 heeft Kevin Hilman het volgende geschreven:

Kevin Hilman <> writes:

The PM branch has been consolidated and rebased against today's linux-omap HEAD. I've also included a few patches that were posted to the list that had fallen through the cracks.

I did a couple minor updates to to the pm branch, and rebased it to current HEAD. The updates include

- more patch consolidation - VDD2 patch from Rajendra - updated IVA2 reset patch which actually works :) - included the GPTIMER12 fixes for Beagle

I also tested on Beagle. Here are some results when using a minimal defconfig (attached) and using an initramfs. I had to disable MMC and USB as they are currently preventing the low-level chip retention:

I tested this on the latest PM branch of linux-omap:

- boot idle: 342 mA

- screen blank: 238 mA # echo 3 > /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank

- suspend: 85 mA # echo 1 > /sys/power/clocks_off_while_idle # echo mem > /sys/power/state

- sleep-while-idle: 85 mA - this same state as suspend, but happens in idle # echo 1 > /sys/power/sleep_while_idle

This is with current PM branch of linux-omap. I understand that Tomi's new DSS tree has support to turn off the DVI framer which should save even more power, but I have not tested that.

Try toggling GPIO 170 manually, current consumption should drop with 60-80mA.



Reminder: The branch name is 'pm'. It will continue to be called pm and just be periodially rebased against linux-omap HEAD.

Some patchsets that have been submitted, but are still not included:

- [PATCH 0/2] Bug fixes for DVFS (Peter) - waiting for updated patch descriptions

- OMAP3: DVFS core patch set (Tero, Paul, Peter) - waiting for a split

- OMAP3: GPIO fixes for off-mode - waiting for review comments to be addresed



Carlos Chinea (1): OMAP3:PM: Update SSI omapdev record

Jouni Hogander (6): OMAP: UART: Add sysfs interface for adjusting UART sleep timeout OMAP3: PM: Use pwrdm_set_next_pwrst instead of set_pwrdm_state in idle loop OMAP3: PM: Fix wrong sequence in suspend. OMAP3: PM: Do not build suspend code if SUSPEND is not enabled OMAP: PM: Build fails if PM is not enabled OMAP2: PM: Fix omap2 build

Kalle Jokiniemi (3): OMAP: PM: sysfs interface for enabling voltage off in idle OMAP3: PM: Fix cpu idle init sequencing OMAP: SRF: Fixes to shared resource framework (Ver.3)

Kevin Hilman (11): OMAP3: PM: Add wake-up bit defintiions for CONTROL_PADCONF_X OMAP3: PM: UART: disable clocks when idle OMAP3: PM: UART save/restore support for OFF-mode OMAP3: PM: Force IVA2 into idle during bootup OMAP3: PM: Add D2D clocks and auto-idle setup to PRCM init OMAP3: PM: D2D clockdomain supports SW supervised transitions OMAP3: PM: Ensure modem is reset during PRCM init OMAP3: PM: CPUidle: obey enable_off_mode flag OMAP3: PM: CPUidle: restrict C-states on UART activity OMAP3: PM: decouple PER and CORE context save and restore OMAP2/3: PM: system_rev -> omap_rev()

Paul Walmsley (6): OMAP2/3 PM: create the OMAP PM interface and add a default OMAP PM no-op layer. OMAP2/3 omapdev: add basic omapdev structure OMAP242x omapdev: add OMAP242x omapdev records OMAP243x omapdev: add OMAP243x omapdev records OMAP3xxx omapdev: add OMAP3xxx omapdev records OMAP2/3 omapdev: add code to walk the omapdev records

Peter 'p2' De Schrijver (10): OMAP: PM counter infrastructure. OMAP: PM: Hook into PM counters OMAP: PM: Add closures to clkdm_for_each and pwrdm_for_each. OMAP: PM: Add pm-debug counters OMAP: PM debug: make powerdomains use PM-debug counters OMAP: PM: Add definitions for ETK pads and observability registers OMAP: Debug observability and ETK padconf implementation OMAP: Add debug observablity (debobs) Kconfig item OMAP: PM: Implement get_last_off_on_transaction_id() Save sram context after changing MPU, DSP or core clocks

Rajendra Nayak (34): OMAP3: PM: GPMC context save/restore OMAP3: PM: GPIO context save/restore OMAP3: PM: I2C context save/restore OMAP3: PM: INTC context save/restore OMAP3: PM: PRCM context save/restore OMAP3: PM: Populate scratchpad contents OMAP3: PM: SCM context save/restore OMAP3: PM: SRAM restore function OMAP3: PM: handle PER/NEON/CORE in idle OMAP3: PM: Restore MMU table entry OMAP3: PM: MPU off-mode support OMAP3: PM: CORE domain off-mode support OMAP3: PM: allow runtime enable/disable of OFF mode OMAP3: 3430SDP minimal kernel defconfig OMAP3: PM: CPUidle: Basic support for C1-C2 OMAP3: PM: CPUidle: Enables state C4 OMAP3: PM: CPUidle: Enables C3 and C5 OMAP3: PM: CPUidle: Safe-state on bm-activity OMAP3 SRF: Generic shared resource f/w OMAP3 SRF: MPU/CORE/PD latency modeling OMAP3 SRF: omap3 srf driver OMAP3 SRF: OMAP PM srf implementation OMAP3 SRF: Add CORE rate table param in OMAP-PM OMAP3 SRF: Add VDD1/VDD2 rate tables for 3430SDP OMAP3 SRF: Add virt clk nodes for VDD1/VDD2 OMAP3 SRF: Adds OPP/Freq res's in SRF OMAP3 SRF: Update OMAP-PM layer OMAP3 SRF: Voltage scaling support OMAP3 SRF: VDD2 scaling support OMAP3 SRF: Adds sysfs control for VDD1/VDD2 OPP's OMAP3 PM: Replace spinlocks with mutex in SRF OMAP3 PM: CPUFreq driver for OMAP3 OMAP3 PM: Update the min defconfig for 3430sdp OMAP3 SRF: Fix crash on non-3430SDP platforms with DVFS/CPUFreq

Tero Kristo (16): PM: OMAP3: Make sure clk_disable_unused() order is correct OMAP: PM debug: do not print out status for meta powerdomains (dpll*) OMAP: PM debug: Add PRCM register dump support OMAP: PM: DMA context save / restore OMAP: PM: off-mode support for DMA on EMU/HS devices OMAP3: SRAM size fix for HS/EMU devices OMAP3 PM: off-mode support for HS/EMU devices OMAP3: PM: Enable SDRAM auto-refresh during sleep OMAP: SDRC: Add new register definitions for SDRAM controller OMAP3: PM: SDRC auto-refresh workaround for off-mode PM: Added three PLL registers to the PRCM context save PM: Changed secure RAM storage size from 0x8000 to 0x803F PM: Added suspend target state control to debugfs for OMAP3 OMAP3: PM: Prevent PER from going OFF when CORE is going INA PM OMAP3: Change omap3_save_secure_ram to be called only during init OMAP3: PM: MPU and CORE should stay awake if there is CAM domain ACTIVE