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Simon Peyton-JonesJan 24, 2011 4:48 am 
Subject:[Haskell-cafe] The F# Team are Hiring
From:Simon Peyton-Jones (
Date:Jan 24, 2011 4:48:47 am

Dear Haskell'ers

The F# team in Seattle/Redmond have an opening for a Senior Program
A demonstrated love for applied Haskell/OCaml/F# programming would be highly
regarded background experience :)

We also have positions open for software development engineers specializing in
compilers and tools (see

Kind regards & best wishes,

Don Syme

The F# Team are Hiring!!!

* Do you have a love for modern, industry-leading programming technologies? * Can you help us take the F# language to the next level? * Do you have the vision to combine functional programming with
technologies for data, cloud, web, finance and technical computing? * Do you have a passion for delivering great visual tools and a simple,
clear end-to-end experience for F# programmers? * And do you want to work on a talented agile team that releases compiler
sources on and has originated major innovations for C# and Visual

If so, we have a great opportunity for you!

The Visual Studio Pro team is looking for an experienced Program Manager to
drive the F# area. Partnering with your engineering team in Redmond and
Microsoft Research in Cambridge, you will define the F# developer experience for
Visual Studio and out of band releases such as the F# PowerPack. As a strong
customer advocate, you will drive changes into the F# language, libraries and
tools. You will develop and update community programs that drive increased
awareness and adoption of F#. Being responsible for delivering integrated
solutions, you have experience in building strong cross-group partnerships,
ensuring alignment of schedules and business goals, and the natural skill of
getting things done.

Specific responsibilities include:

* Travelling to major conferences, user group meetings, and enterprises to
get people excited about solving problems using F# * Defining the strategy for marketing F# to the developer community * Owning our content strategy and community engagement programs * Driving multiple concurrent projects for the F# team including Visual
Studio and out of band releases * Working closely with groups within Microsoft such as Technical Computing,
.NET Framework, SQL and Azure to deliver great experiences for F# developers * Contributing to the design of all aspects of F# from language & libraries
to the tools that integrate with Visual Studio

Basic Qualifications:

* 3-5 years experience in Program Management or related experience,
including a proven track record of delivering on challenging projects * A BS or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or
a related field. * Passionate for language and user experience design * Knowledge of Visual Studio, .NET & functional programming languages, and
the ability to dig deep into technical challenges * Strong sense of teamwork, personal integrity, responsibility and
accountability * Excellent verbal and written communication skills * Strong customer advocate, self-starter and problem solver * Strong knowledge of F# or language design on managed platforms is

If you'd would like more details, please either contact me
(<>), or Sean Laberee
(<>) directly. To apply
immediately, please fill in the online
and drop us a note that you're applying.