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Subject:[openstack-dev] OpenStack newcomers channel opening in Freenode
From:vKmC (
Date:Feb 22, 2013 10:02:51 am

Hey everyone!

I'm Victoria (vkmc), one of the GNOME's Outreach Program for Women intern working on OpenStack and also contributing to GNOME.

I usually see a lot of people lurking in #gnome-love, GNOME's beginner channel, eager to learn and contribute and I noticed that there isn't a place like that for OpenStackers.

Other interns, mentors and I discussed how valuable that addition would be to OpenStack and we wanted to let you know about this.

We set up #openstack-101, a channel thought for every person who want to contribute to OpenStack and doesn't know how or needs guidance to start.

Feel free to join us and help newcomers to accomplish their first contributions to OpenStack, that effort will be truly appreciated!