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Subject:Re: error with package ghc-6.10.1 and its dependency on process-1.0.1.[01]
From:allan (
Date:Nov 25, 2008 9:45:42 am

Hi Thomas

Sorry, I have *just* this second finished doing a re-install. Basically I deleted my local lib directory and my ~/.ghc directory. I then did a re-install of 'ghc 6.10.1' The good news is everything worked as it should. I've now got the latest haddock installed and cabal-install is working exactly
as it should. The bad news is of course I now have no way of providing you with extra
debugging information.

I did however not completely delete my old ~/.ghc directory but move it out of
the way. So is it possible I could do a similar thing with --package-db. Here's a transcript (note the directory is ~/.ghc.bck):

Thomas Schilling wrote:

2008/11/25 allan <>:

Hi Duncan and Thomas

haskell98 also creates a transitive dependency on process and also shadows the system one.

What happens if you do

# cabal install -v --global haddock

This should ignore all the user packages. There's definitely room for improvement in cabal-install here.