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NateNov 6, 2008 2:52 pm 
Robert GonzalezNov 7, 2008 9:15 am 
NateNov 7, 2008 9:21 am 
Subject:[Pro. PHP Dev.] Re: String Compression and Encryption
From:Robert Gonzalez (
Date:Nov 7, 2008 9:15:54 am

Does the URL have to be compressed or can it be mapped to something smaller? What I mean by that is can you put together a rewriter that accepts a url like http://mysite/gf54 and have the gf54 be a key that maps to the full URL you really want to do to?

What I am thinking is a relationship handled by a database or file backend that would house the maps, by the way.

On Thu, Nov 6, 2008 at 2:52 PM, Nate <> wrote:

Who can make this string the shortest and have it (at least somewhat) encrypted and be URL friendly?

$str = ' 1225962206::345::DataName::otherchars::CC0033:: search?q=php+compression+and+encryption&sourceid=navclient- ff&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1B3GGGL_enUS288US288&bb=3DB6lV3zqQSSbW6GZ3osAOox6H3DL %26ai<>

%3DB6lV3zqQSSbW6GZ3osAOox6HNA9a5j2WUrs3aA8f11gWw4y0CjgBUIDvts37_____wFgyQbIAQHIAtTZtgHZA9NKiQCjgBUIDvts37_____wFgyQbIAQHIAtTZtgHZA9NKNA9a5j2WUrs3aA8f11gWw4y0QBhgGIOiu9wEoCjtwKmQ4yjW0yZTDtQVgOXyHbA_AjDQ %26q%3gyQbIAQHIAtTZtgHZA9NKiQ9j6Kpum%3D6%26sig%3_OU%253D50%2526domainid %253D47%2526detid%253D1800191985%2F%260%3D %261%3D0%264%3yjW0yZTDtQVgOXyHbA_AjDQ%26q%3DtgHZA9NKiQ9j6Kpn%26num %3D6%26sig%3DDAGe %2617%3D8%2618%3D6%2619%3D1%2620%3D8%2621%3D0%2622%3D1E2mDGwdGLM%3D

%2640%3D0Ytcx614%3D245874%2615%3da8aae53fc901%b96d096a399dc1db5da7cd9976d2ef5074be2d50efeb30f1fb6b546d48d21bfe300c93a4888e310a114330e38b1a6d70c4f67ebc5f81c7ca6058a11c34620da8f193a8cb65067ed11011b130b287a9b34035eee6f8362f757d38be92cae4996bc97c8cf6948a5ff88e41a666485a1bac1075d0c2846a74441d8945a3385f425e9ccfd572c5b890a62610%3D1%2611%3DiWqtwKmQ4yjW0y::Mozilla %2F5.0+%28Windows%3B+U%3B+Windows+NT+5.1%3B+en-US%3B+rv %3A1.9.0.3%29+Gecko%2F2008092417+Firefox%2F3.0.3'

Here are the strlens from my tests using base64_encode on the final output (besides the original of course) original: 1152 gzdeflate: 952 gzencode: 976 gzcompress: 960 mcrypt_des of a gzdeflated $str: 952 (MCRYPT_DES, MCRYPT_MODE_CFB, MCRYPT_DEV_URANDOM)

My number one goal is to make it as small as it can be.

Thanks -nate-

-- Robert A. Gonzalez

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