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Subject:Re: [Bf-committers] Collada importer/exporter kickout
From:François T. (
Date:Jan 8, 2012 3:24:05 pm

I'm probably a bit too late for the fight and tried to read all the thread for this (there is several email with different subjects). I do understand the complexity with collada, and yet I don't understand all the issue you mention, but i'll trust you for this. Two years ago I wrote a simple LUA DAE importer with my two cents of programming knowledge for a propriatry engine we had in my company. I did it myself because the engineer who did it in C was having somehow same troubles as you guys seems to have with openCollada (yet I don't knwo OC at all). And his importer was doing a terrible job. I had nothing to do with complex bones or amarture so I wouldn't know about that. But my simple LUA importer were dealing with scene, camera, lights, obj, mesh, uv, material and textures and I it was tested with Blender exporter at the time which was a python script, Max, XSI and Maya and worked fine in all the cases, so I don't get the issue with vertices order or whatever (or maybe I just not remember). I couldn't wrote stuff in C and was only scripting in LUA at the time, so it was easy for me to write a parser. I think the engineer fail to understand the basics of the collada structure at first, and since I couldn't do any C, all his code was useless to me and couldn't change or enhance it as I wished. And I also know that collada is so flexible that so many software insert there own technics and not always the right way. But I think that if this I/O was pure blender python based code (no dependencies, no external code), more people (like me) would be able to develop or provide patches rather than C which is only for a certain elite. I remember asking at the time why doing this I/O with C in the first place, I can't remember the reason exactly.

Anyway w/o collada (even though its not working as good as we wish right now) Blender will get some doors closed to interoperate with other software, and I know I'm probably the only one in the community who like that, but its true. 3DS ... :/ .... obj ... very limited... FBX, great format for sure (even though I'm not a big fan of it, but the industry love it) we only have output with it ! no import and eula issue with it as Campbell said... I have read Alembic somewhere in this thread mention by someone I can't remember the name. I want to remind him this is a bake I/O format, no edition possible afterwards So question is : if we take of collada, what other better I & O format do we have instead ?

so +1000 for a python, dependency less from scratch... one feature at the time with clear, simple and well commented code ! I'm sure many people will be able to help in the community. But until we have a I/O addon working for basic features as a complete scene (no animation, no bones, no morph), please pretty please keep it :/


2012/1/8 skoti <>

Unfortunately I can not - I tested a month ago one scene and a file exported from Blender to 3ds max (reference implementation) and showed errors. I no longer have either the file or scene, and detailed information is not checked, because the FBX does not interest me.

On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 03:45, Campbell Barton wrote:

On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 12:03 AM, skoti<> wrote:

I know Collada importer / exporter is problematic (I wrote an importer for my engine and I know that everything in the Collada can be stored in N different ways).

- If you want to use the model in Second Life / Google Earth, you have to use Collada, if you want to use models in engines WebGL/Flash3D practically have to use Collada (is there any web engine with FBX importer?), Most game engines use Collada for importing data (support for FBX a few). FBX exporter also has bugs. Well, that FBX is in a blender, but it is not usually an option for people using Collada.

Can you report these bugs please?

I'm no great fan of FBX/Autodesk with their idiotic EULA, but as maintainer of FBX export I rather not have it be buggy.

Note that FBX has similar issues as collada, which is that different applications support different parts of the FBX spec - so Lightwave and Maya for example complain when importing non uniform scaled bones from blender for EG because they don't support it. So you cant assume just because a single application chokes on a blender FBX model that it is a blender bug for sure.

____________________ François Tarlier