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Subject:[groovy-user] Groovy and Grails download stats
From:Guillaume Laforge (
Date:Dec 2, 2008 8:23:22 am

Hi all,

The reliability of the Codehaus download stats service is improving, and I'm able to give you some interesting figures today :-)

Following-up the G2One acquisition by SpringSource, the downloads have had a nice peak this November:

- Groovy: 70K downloads - Grails: 74K downloads

Over the past few months, Groovy and Grails have been very close in download figures:

For *Groovy*:

- August: 36K - September: 27K - October: 39K - *November: 70K*

Groovy 1.5.6 is still our best-seller with 140K downloads. Groovy 1.5.7 is still a bit young with 47K. But the Groovy 1.6 betas seems to be gaining a lot of momentum with above 80K downloads so far.

And for *Grails*:

- August: 37K - September: 27K - October: 40K - *November: 74K*

The previous big peak for Grails was in March with 72K. Grails 1.0.3 is still the biggest hit with 181K downloads. But Grails 1.0.4 is coming nicely with 51K downloads, despite its young age!

I hope you'll enjoy these numbers!

If you're interested in having some more frequent stats like these, raise your hand.

I hope some day the download stats service at Codehaus will be solid enough so that anybody is able to access these figures and do his own slice and dice over the raw material. I've been using a small Groovy script myself to make sense out of the raw data :-)

And a last word: congratulations to you all, developers, committers, contributers, users, book authors, etc., because Groovy and Grails are what they are today thanks to your help, your ideas, your love! Thank you, and keep up the great work!