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Subject:Fwd: Fwd: [courier-users] Re: ESMTP & sendmail mail relay
From:Dew Ediho (
Date:Aug 25, 2004 6:40:01 pm

We found the error in the esmtproutes file. There was a syntax error



After: :

the space before the collon aparantly was a problem. now courier can deliver using my mail realy. Thanks all

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 13:07:28 -0400, Tim Hunter <> wrote:

Dew Ediho wrote:

no I just replaced the real domain information and username for security reason, I hope that is not a problem.

I can recieve emails on the courier server from gmail and other external domain as well as from internal mail servers. I just can not send to an external server

Its difficult to debug such things when you do this, especially when you assume we know what you are doing.

Can you telnet to port 25 of the MX of any of these servers? Its possible you have a firewall in the way.

On Tue, 24 Aug 2004 23:21:24 -0700, Scott <> wrote:

Dew Ediho wrote:

user1 and user2 are users on the courier server (accounts) Server name is Server alias is

Server can send and recieve mails within Server can recieve mails from the Internet Server can not send mails to the internet.

the following is the 100 latest entries from the maillog Aug 24 21:43:03 Grata courieresmtp:


Connection refused

If you're just playing with a test server and are really using the domain "" you're probably being refused by gmail because you don't match the reverse lookup for that domain.

Or are you just masking your actual domain?