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Subject:Re: checked in 2.0 code
From:Eckhard Lehmann (
Date:Apr 18, 2006 11:34:30 am

David N. Welton schrieb:

David N. Welton wrote:

Ok, I checked in Eckhard Lehmann's code... I haven't even tried to compile it yet, but at least we can work from something in version control. I probably made a few mistakes, but we'll correct them as we find them.

Hi - I'm wondering if you've done anything with the 2.0 work since I checked in your code.


no, I haven't got anything ready - not much time lately. Just some thoughts...

I checked out the code from subversion once, but got massive trouble with the autoconf thing. I was not able to run ./, autoconf and make failed too... Maybe I did something wrong with my macros :-(. Anyway I think this should be refactored completely. Best thing is maybe to make it TEA compliant and add some macros for finding the right apache configurations? The API changes in Apache can make a grown man cry - complete changes from 1.3 to 2.0, another change from 2.0 to 2.2... nothing really documented; pure chaos. You really learn to appreciate the documentation and consistency of Tcl here. It might be more appropriate to have completely different versions of Rivet for the different Apache versions? At least two different versions for Apache 1.x and Apache 2.x?

Those autoconf issues are worst and I think it has to be decided and done first. It is no fun to spent more time on fixing silly m4 macros than on bugfixing the program itself. If you agree, I put the apache-2 stuff together in a TEA compliant module and add appropriate macros for apache headers and libs. In my opinion it doesn't make sense to continue working on the module before this is sorted out and ready to go. Still you might have better ideas?

For the module itself, I need a deeper understanding of what is going on in Apache during request processing. It is not done right at the moment, e.g. the handlers and mime type configurations from the config file are completely ignored. I think the module is not hooked in at the right position, or something is missing... Another issue we should discuss is, whether we should built the Tcl interpreter into the module and thus get around external dependencies. mod_tcl is doing it that way, AFAIK, and Tcl is predestinated for those kind of things. It would make things much easier in the long term, especially for admins and users.

I don't hesitate to continue working on the project - and I see potential for Rivet to get a larger user and developer base (even easier if Rivet can provide some things that PHP does not provide, or not in that quality). But we have to sort out some things first and point in the right direction. Well, also it would be good to be not the only one who works on Rivet/Apache2 ;-).