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Subject:Re: hgwebdir replacement - pylons hg app
From:Didly Bom (
Date:Aug 18, 2010 12:29:28 am

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 12:36 AM, marcinkuzminski <>wrote:

Hi all, Just wanted to post that hg app just released version 0.8.1. Included: - new template - gravatar support - full text search on repositories codes (experimental) - numerous bugfixes - hooks support - new graphs

As usual any feedback is welcomed.

Regards Marcin

Hi Marcin,

I took the new version for a spin and I must say that it looks really good!

Here are my comments:

- The new "summary view" is _very_ cool! :-) In particular, I like how you show the last 10 changes, tags, etc. However, it would be nice if below those "10 items" you had a "show more" link that would directly take you to the corresponding view (rather than having to go to the top of the page and click on the corresponding tab). I also like that you show some statistics such as the commit activity, etc. However, the day numbers are so close together that you cannot tell them apart. Also, it may be nice if you added some additional statistics (such as number of files changed, etc).

- The default text size (on Google Chrome) seems too small, and if you zoom in (using Chrome's zoom functionality) to set the text size to a easier to read size you have to scroll horizontally to view all the information in the page. Perhaps the text size could be configurable through the hgapp settings?

- At first glance the search functionality seems to only be accessible from the repository list, and it seems to perform a global search over all the repositories. While this may be useful it would be great if you could also search within a particular repository as well.

- I still feel that the graph in the changelog tab is too narrow. There is quite a lot of margin that could be used to make the graph a bit wider, which would make it easier to view. It would also be great if it was possible to switch to a "condensed" mode in which you only saw the 1st line of the commit message, hence letting you view a lot more revisions at a time, making the graph easier to read. Actually, I wonder if there is some way you could leverage the recent work that has been done on the hgweb graph?

- I think that whenever you show a revision number you should make it a link so that you can easily jump from one revision to another. For example, while playing around with the file view, I got to the following page: "". In this page you have a reference to the last revision of the file that is being shown ( I think that it would be nice to be able to jump to that revision by clicking on the revision number.

- Actually, on that very same page there is a dropdown that shows the different revisions in which the selected file was modified. I was expecting that selecting any of those revisions in the dropdown would take me to the corresponding revision. Instead you must click on the diff button. This is ok but a bit surprising.

Overall I really like this new version! :-D