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Subject:Re: Good writeup on deploying and using SNAPSHOTs?
From:Steve Johnson (
Date:Jul 28, 2010 12:54:27 pm

I am using Nexus. I think I'm just not putting things into Nexus in the correct way, or maybe I don't nave Nexus set up right.

I've been using 'curl' to put things into Nexus, which has always worked prior to trying to get snapshots working. Using this method for snapshots, when I try to make use of the snapshot as a dependency, maven/Nexus complains about not being able to read some .xml file. I assume it needs to read this to get information about what the current snapshot it. Maybe using 'curl' is my problem. Maybe I have to use maven deploy:deploy-file.

The problem with using deploy:deploy-file is that it locks up on me when I try to use it. The file uploads completely (the feedback shows dddddK/dddddK), but after that, the command just hangs forever. I went and got lunch once with it doing the deploy, came back more than an hour later, and it was still sitting there. So again, I'm wondering if maybe I don't have Nexus set up correctly and that is causing this problem.


On 7/28/2010 12:41 PM, Wayne Fay wrote:

of this works. It seems that the repository has to be able to generate metadata (.xml files) to keep track of the current snapshot version. My current method of deploying doesn't seem to be doing this.

What is your current method? Why are you not using Nexus or another MRM?